Do you know the meaning of Christmas

Although Christmas is originated from the western countries of the festival, but with the integration of different nations, different cultural exchanges, the Christmas culture also took root in our country, and continue to grow, more and more young people like to celebrate this beautiful festival, so how much do you know about the meaning of Christmas? Let the snow globe manufacturer tell you.

The meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus

According to legend, the virgin Mary had an unexpected pregnancy. When her fiance Joseph became angry, an angel of God told Joseph in a dream that the child in Mary's womb was given by the Holy Spirit and would become a savior.

The birth of Jesus fulfilled many prophecies in the Old Testament Bible. He was the savior in the eyes of Christians, who could save the world from sin. According to the Bible, Christmas is the day when Jesus was born and became a Christian protector forever. It is also the day when everyone establishes a life relationship with Almighty God.

The first Christmas dates back to 138 AD, and in 440, the Holy See established December 25 as Christmas. The Eastern Orthodox Church, unlike the Roman Church, set Christmas as January 7. It can be said that the meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas spread
Christmas is a religious holiday. In the nineteenth century, the popularity of Christmas cards, Santa Claus, so that Christmas began to gradually popular. After Christmas celebrations became popular in northern Europe, Christmas decorations incorporating the Northern Hemisphere winter also appeared.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the whole of Europe and America began to celebrate Christmas. And derived the corresponding Christmas culture.

The meaning of Christmas in China
After the reform and opening up, the spread of Christmas in China is particularly prominent, to the early 21st century, Christmas organically combined with Chinese local customs, the development of increasingly mature. Eating apples, wearing Christmas hats, sending Christmas cards, attending Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and so on have become part of Chinese life.

Today the image of Christmas, Santa Claus and Christmas trees is embedded in the hearts of children all over the world. When Christmas comes, many parents will tell their children the origin and customs of Christmas, so that the children realize the meaning behind Christmas, know how to love, know how to share, know how to be grateful and return.

Christmas customs
Christmas dinner

Christmas is always inseparable from Christmas dinner, and different places and different nationalities have different characteristics of Christmas dinner, there are some traditional food is indispensable for Christmas, such as the British love roast Turkey, Germany needs to eat gingerbread, the United States will prepare corn porridge.

Decorate the Christmas tree

The frequency of Christmas tree is very high in Christmas, many families will prepare a Christmas tree to increase the festive atmosphere, Christmas tree is usually made of spruce, pine, fir, red pine, fir and other needle leaf trees. Also in the top of the tree with a five-pointed star or cherub decoration, tree decoration with all kinds of candy, lights, toys, but also hanging on the tree or under the tree piled with Christmas gifts.

Send Christmas cards to each other

Sending Christmas cards to each other is a traditional custom with a sense of ritual, everyone will write messages on the Christmas cards, or paste a picture of the family, record family events and so on.

Christmas gift

Giving gifts to each other is a Christmas tradition. Gifts are a blessing and an expression of care. That's why everyone loves Christmas, because you get so many presents!

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