Why can't the gold coins in Douyin issue a red envelope

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  1. Answer: The industry stipulates that gold coins cannot issue red envelopes.
    The gold coins in Douyin can be exchanged for cash; but it is only available in Douyin's speed version; after the real -name authentication, the gold coin will automatically become the amount every day, which can be reflected according to the amount prompted above.
    Douyin send red envelopes: 1. Open the Douyin short video app first, click my option, click the follow -up function, 2 find a friend who sends the red envelope, click private message, 3 click the additional icon, and then again Click the red envelope function, 4 input amount and blessing, click to send red envelopes, and you can just pay after the payment is successful.
    Douyin is a music creative short video social software hatched by byte jump. Douyin breaks the red line. The software is launched on September 20, 2016. It is a short video community platform for all ages. Users can choose songs through this software and shoot music works to form their own works. The Douyin platform is generally young users. The soundtracks are mainly electronic music and dance music. The video is divided into two factions: dance factions and creative schools. The common feature is that they are very rhythmic. There are also a few users with lyrical music showing coffee pulling skills, which has become a clear stream of the vibrato circle.

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