The top McLaren Senna auction, but affected by the epidemic, the price is 700,000 cheaper than expected!

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  1. With the outbreak of the global epidemic, many countries have entered the state of the country, and the epidemic has also caused losses of many people. The loss of car companies is still relatively large. Many foreign car companies have suspended production, especially the top super superiority. Running, and recently at the RM Sotheffu auction, many local tyrants took their own luxury cars to auction to respond to this crisis. After all, many foreign tyrants need cash to come through the difficulties. At the second auction, there were many top supercars. The McLaren Seine we saw was the auction of them.
    Marrenna's global limited edition of 500 units, named after the driver Cenna, and the car attracted the attention of countless local tyrants as soon as it was released. Before waiting for the auto show, this magic car was snapped up and appeared. The situation is in short supply, which is why luxury cars are so expensive, and there are so many people who scramble to buy them, because you do n’t buy it, you may not be grasped in a blink of an eye, and the limited edition luxury car is also a good financial management. It is likely that the price will skyrocket as soon as it is bought, and McLaren Senna is such a car. After McLaren's delivery, McLaren Senna appreciates a lot.
    The color of this McLaren Seine is also more special. Its color is Sartre ash. At the same time, it looks very windy with McLaren Orange. See, the two sharp headlights are very murderous like two eyes, and at the surrounding area, the car uses orange modification, which not only plays a role in reducing the wind resistance of the body, but also makes the entire vehicle look more fashionable. Even The front lip of the carbon fiber is also modified with orange, especially when the door of Seine is opened, like a monster with wings, it looks very handsome.
    Merren Seine is developed with the 720S model. The body looks more windy than 720s, and Senna's creation is made by lightweight. It is said that it is quite light in the same -level body, and the lighter body has also greatly improved the performance of Seine. Senna's body incorporates many wind resistance design. The calorie oranges are selected, compared with the lines of the body, and the siege on the side is also orange modified.
    and Sina also have a special design, that is, the door design. We see the door of this car using a translucent design and can see the situation in the car through the door. Sister's words, you can clearly see the beautiful legs of the younger sister, and the car's window design is also different from ordinary supercars. The window uses a layered design to reduce the ventilation of the car in the car. It affects the wind resistance of the body. Unlike a small window in a general car, this is also a highlight of Seine's body.
    Is to see the tail of Seine, you know that the car's movement is extremely strong. The large tail design provides a strong downward pressure for the car, and it also increases the sports style of the car. The exhaust pipe from 2, we will also see the 3 Senna, because the discharge standards are different, the 2 exhaust pipes are American, and the emissions from 3 are EU, so this car is a beauty. The regulations, and 500 Senna, there are more than 100 in the United States. It can be said that the United States occupies a big consumption, and the car is equipped with the most powerful M840TR, a 4.0 -liter twin -turbo engine. The maximum horsepower can reach 789 horsepower, 800N. The peak torque of M has only 2.8 seconds to accelerate the car's 100 kilometers, and the performance is very powerful.
    The design in the car is also very simple and atmospheric. The buttons in the car are very small, and the LCD screen of the central control is not large. It is used to control the entertainment system in the car. The carbon fiber design, which is modified by McLaren Orange at the same time, echo the color of the appearance, and the body cockpit uses McBonfiberMonocage carbon fiber composite cage. Quality, but it is not so comfortable to sit in. This is also a lot of local tyrants who bought supercars and will be equipped with an off -road vehicle or Elfa.
    The 146 of the 500 vehicles of this car are now auctioned. At the time, McLaren Seine was priced at $ 1 million. This price still allowed many people to buy it. With a rise, a tyrant in the United States once spent $ 500,000 to buy a second -hand Seine, which shows the popularity of the car, but with the impact of the epidemic, this car was auctioned, and the car's estimated estimation of the car was estimated The price is 95-12 million US dollars. You must know that the top supercar rarely has less than the estimated price, but this Senna eventually sold for $ 847,000, which is 10.3 US dollars less than the estimated minimum price, equivalent to more than 70 yuan more than 70 yuan Wan, it can be seen that the owner has lost a lot of money, showing that the epidemic has a great impact on everyone!
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