2 thoughts on “How much does a set of VR devices cost?”

  1. 5-6000 yuan.
    Alibaba VR team allows experienceists to enter the virtual shopping scene through HTC Vive, which can realize 360 ​​-degree viewing products and interact with shopping guide robots. Although it is full of novelty, pixels and clarity cannot meet actual needs.
    . Not mentioned that the HTC VIVE price is as high as RMB 6,888. The bulky appearance is not enough to meet consumers to meet the needs of shopping anytime, anywhere. Alibaba's VR device is nothing more than pursuing a sense of visual immersion, but not just VR technology with this experience, smart 3D can also meet this demand.
    "Smart 3D is based on the original naked eye 3D, innovatively adds artificial intelligence and AR technology. The interpretation of artificial intelligence and AR to users is interesting and fun, so IVVI focuses on bringing users innovation to innovation to users Interactive experience and visual experience. "
    The innovation of experience brings the feeling of surpassing a single VR -the smart 3D mobile phone IVI K5 released in April can allow users to observe the model 360 ° in all directions, but also for consumption The person brings an excellent immersive experience. Compared with HTC Vive, it is small and portable, and has a variety of functions and has sufficient cost -effectiveness.

  2. Just now, I have answered two similar questions. My answer is like this. In the more popular VR egg chair equipment in 2016/2017, sitting on the egg chair to wear VR glasses to experience it. At that time The species equipment is about 4-5W, of course, there are many brands. Until now, many types of VR game equipment have been produced in the VR market. Dozens of hundreds of VR game devices such as roller coasters, competitive shooting, racing, etc., but if you can experience so many types of games on a game device? Refer to the following sharing:
    This Starry Sky VR Ledu Battleship: "Enjoy Battleship" is a comprehensive entertainment VR device, 6 seats high throughput high -ping effects, and large venues must choose amusement equipment. The style of "Lexiang Battleship" is striking simplicity and fashion technology. The color of the "Phantom Starry Sky" brand blue -paired with glass fiber reinforcement is white. 96 VR games such as shooting, roller coaster, terror, etc., market value (16.5W)
    Phantom star sky VR Diablo battlefield: small investment, high ping effect! 5 Pingzan, 2 people play together! The market acceptance is wide, the classic shooting experience, bringing hundreds of millions of fans! The sense of substitution is strong, and the induction respiratory light shows different changes according to the health of the game character!
    The content of future war, zombie war, music game and other themes, the audience is a majority of shooting game enthusiasts. Can fight on the field, fight side by side with your teammates, and sniper for life and death! Covering the area is small, 5 square meters start a business, two people play together! Small investment, fast back! Equipped with "Western Corpse", "Gene mutation" and "Return to Desperate" a variety of exclusive content, as well as 86 VR games such as "Rhythm Light Sword" net red music, high playable, strong viscosity! Market value (7.5W)
    This Starry Sky VR Ledu Light Wheel: Lexiang Light Wheel 2021 version is the latest generation of VR motorcycle driving products. Increased exhaust pipes), increased shock absorption, and more realistic simulation (adding hair dryers, selection of water spraying effects). Adaptation to the big friends E3 HD VR header, feel hearty and experienced VR real body riding.
    The new upgrade of classic VR motorcycles, experience the hearty VR driving experience! The acceleration of the throttle, the control direction of the handlebar, the exhaust pipe, the acceleration of nitrogen, etc., simulate the real racing in an all -round way; you can make a single person through the level, or you can play with your friends to make a variety of game modes. 18 other VR games such as Cyclonus, start the flying life! Streaming cortex seats, in line with ergonomic design, bring a safer and more comfortable cycling experience! Market value (5.8W)

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