How to distinguish between purebred deer dogs and mixed deer dogs?

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  1. Height: The male dog's shoulder height is about 66 ~ 21L centimeters, and the ideal shoulder height is 69 cm. The height of the bitch's shoulder is about 60 ~ 66 inches, and the ideal shoulder height is 64 cm.
    head: long and compact. Whether observed from the front or side, it is blunt wedge. From the front observation, the outline of the head from the mouth to the ears is two complete straight lines that gradually become wider. The head is flat, and the head is connected to the tone through a slight stop, and the outline is parallel to the contour of the head.
    Eyes: Apricot -shaped, moderate depression, the darker the color of the eyes, the better.
    Ear: It is usually cut and erected.
    The cheeks: flat and muscle developed.
    Nose mirror: Black dogs have pure black nasal mirrors; red dogs have dark brown nasal mirrors; orchid dogs have dark gray nasal mirrors; camel dogs have dark tea nasal mirrors. The lips are close to the upper and lower jaws, and the upper and lower jaws are full and powerful, located under the eyes.
    This: white and strong, cut -like bite, a total of 42 teeth, 22 lower jaws, and 20 upper jaw.
    The neck: slightly arched, gradually widening, binding to the body. The length of the neck is well -proportioned to the length of the body and head. The horse shoulder is obvious, the highest point of the body. From the horse shoulder to the slightly round hips, it is out of line.
    The chest: wide, the front chest is properly raised. The ribs bulge from the spine, and gradually level down, until the elbow. The chest is deep to the elbow. Poster the abdomen moderately and extend from the chest to form a curve.
    The front body: The scapula is tilted forward and downward, and the horizontal plane is 45 degrees angle, connected to the forearm of 90 degrees. The length of the scapula is equal to the length of the upper arm, and the length from the elbow to the shoulder dragon from the horse to the elbow is equal.
    The rear body: The angle is balanced with the front body, and the hip bone and the spine bone are 30 degrees (back, downward). The angle of the thigh bone and hip bone is appropriate. The thighs are long and wide, and the muscles are developed; the length of the thigh bone is equal to the length of the tibia.
    The hair: smooth, short, hard, dense and personal.

    ma dogs
    Dog) It has existed for several centuries. Germany is the hometown of Little Deer, but it has also lived in several countries in the Nakana Peninsula for a long time. The Little Deer really started to develop in 1895, and that year, the German Dormni Club was established. The club is now called Dubin-Sur Rimbobern. The original standard of the deer dog was formulated by it.
    Thisy skin is good for care
    After the founding of the German Dulko Club, the development of mini Dogson (also known as the deer dog) has developed rapidly, and it is recognized and loved by more and more people. From 1905 to the First World War, it was the fastest period of development. But that war prevented the development of all things, of course, it also included the deer dog. After the war, in 1919, dog breeders started to develop deer dogs again, but because the dogs in the United States were not valued, its development in the United States was limited.
    1928, I rarely saw little deer dogs at the US dog exhibition. In 1929, the American Deer Dog Club was established to accelerate the development of this dog. Before that, the little deer dog had participated in the mixed dog group, and the club has greatly promoted its development, and the popularity of this puppy has become higher and higher.
    . Although the deer dog is much smaller than the body of the Dumbno, its character is like a big dog. The deer dog is a very good household dog, and sometimes even more keen than the dogs with twice as big as it. The deer dog is very lively and smart, and it is very suitable for exhibitions. Because of its small body, smart and energetic, and full of vitality, it often performs on the stage. The deer dog is rarely sorted out with smooth hair, and always keeps tidy. The deer dog is also the best partner of the family.
    The like a dog to catch the mouse "multi -picked spare"
    This dogs are very popular family dogs in the minds of many people. It is because of the cuteness of the mini, it is also a mouse catcher. The saying that "dog grabbing mouse pipes" is more appropriate to put it on it.
    This grabbing mice is because the mice contain a large number of elements that cats need, and the deer dog grabbing mouse seems to be natural, a hobby, a kind of pastime. Many rats have severe families after raising the deer dogs, not only their own rats are disappeared, but they also benefit neighbors and even the entire floor.
    In fact, when the deer dog was just cultivated, it was completely for the exhibition and participating in the selection, and did not deliberately give them the "gene" of grabbing mice. Later Prediction. It may be because these carefully watching dogs are too strong, and because of their strong territory, they always shake in their own territory. Meet the narrow road. In addition, although the small deer dog's body is not large, it can still hold the mouse in terms of volume, so the mouse has become a good object of the entertainment deer dog. In fact, in real life, there are few deer dogs that have captured the mouse and swallowed their raws to fill their hunger.
    sm don't think that the deer dog can only bully small creatures such as cockroaches and mouse because of a small size. Although the deer dog is not strong for Dormni, it is brave to lose the kind of blood at all. But the big friend who looks similar. As long as strangers invade its territory, they will not hesitate to expel.
    Is "chattering" when no one cares "
    . Although it is loved by many families because of the responsibility of some cats and outstanding ability, the little deer dog also has the annoying side of the quarter, that is, that is There are almost no dog breeds that can be barking like them. Perhaps the only Chihuahua, Beijing Bar and other dog breeds who are barely fighting with them may be in barking.
    The deer dogs do not like to call at birth, but depend on its vigorous energy. When they are left out by the owner, they will make sharp protests when they are ignored. Generally, the dog breed will take a break after a while and return to breath, but the physical strength of the deer dog provides a solid material foundation for them. Two hours of stopping for two hours are completely easy for them, and the dismissal psychology makes them or know that the owner is determined to ignore it without giving up.
    Fortunately, they are not the types of calling for calling. They are constantly calling just to attract the owner's attention, which also reflects strong dependence on humans. Therefore, before raising the deer dog, enthusiasts should seriously weigh their energy and time, otherwise you will feel bad when you have no time and energy to accompany the dog.
    The leisure, do not recognize the way, or watch the road
    The mini Dumosu is a dog who likes to swim and is idle in the sense of no species. They often sneak out of the house to walk elsewhere. And sometimes there will be an impulse to go further and further, until you go away, you can't recognize your way home, which makes the owner more annoyed. In other words, if there are some other temptations outside the door, you can't keep your pets unknowingly disappearing.
    The case of losing your pets in this way is not uncommon in breeding. At the same time, it is frustrating that in the modern metropolis, the ability to find a way to find the way home is not enough People call it. The mini Dulkin is endlessly crushed by the car because of "shopping".
    The maintenance experience
    In winter, remember to keep warm
    The long limbs of the deer dog must be matched with a well -proportioned body to coordinate. In order to maintain its beautiful figure, in daily feeding, you must pay attention to the matching of various nutrients. At the same time, the amount of feeding should not be too much or causes malnutrition when it is too small. What kind of strange body is a super fat body? In order to provide balanced and sufficient nutritional suggestions, it is best to feed dogs with comprehensive and nutritious small dogs and dog food. At the same time, when providing enough nutrition, they must also take them often to exercise in order to have a good figure.
    Ir's ability to resist the cold because the little deer dog's body is relatively short, so it is best to put some clothes to keep it warm when the weather is relatively cold. At the same time, you can take the opportunity to give your baby your baby Dress up. In addition, the little deer dog is lively and active. At home, I like to run up and down the house, and I prefer to drill into some corners to find things. Therefore, if there are valuable antiques at home Otherwise, no one will pay you, and then I really want to cry without tears.
    The road of beauty
    The can not ignore the rigid hair care
    This dog hair is hard and short, smooth and shiny, upright and tightly posting skin. It does not need beauty as a family pet. The high -quality fragrance is cleaned, and the eyes and ears are cleaned regularly every week. It can be brushed a few times a week with a dead hair scraper. The focus should be cut to the toenails to make the feet look more compact.
    The mini Datuko's paws are relatively small. Many owners will ignore the hair and fluff of the body of their bodies after bathing and drying their bodies. Dry. If this step is ignored, because the mini Tharto's toenails are relatively compact, the water and gas are in it, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases. Such a warm and humid environment is also easy to attract various parasites. Many pet owners who care for their dogs and pay attention to their dogs daily often worsen, why do their mini Thartins always suffer from skin diseases again and again? This is the biggest possibility.
    Pet baby medical museum
    Per beauty master Chen Huifang
    veterinarian opinion
    Modiamid children are prone to injury
    Sunan Agricultural University
    This dogs are also called mini Dogs. The shape is similar to that of the Dumi, but the body is not at the same level. Because the deer dog has a slender limbs and likes to jump up and down, the objects chasing the activity (about two hundred years ago, the Germans used him to catch the mouse in the horse gallery), so it is more likely to cause sprains or fractures. Now, pay special attention to this aspect of the problem as a family partner dog. The deer dog has a strong bouncing ability, so it is necessary to train from an early age to prohibit it from jumping to stools, sofas, tables and beds and other places and then jump out of it, because it is easy to cause unexpected fractures or sprains.
    It, the little deer dog has a strong desire to protect his territory and is more nervous. Fighting occurs, causing some serious trauma. But the dog is loyal, clever, and easy to receive training, so remember to provide it with good tutoring for it since childhood. Little deer dog hair is short, bright, rarely drops hair, and has less experience, so you don't need to catch them often.

  2. [Body type]
    The shoulder height is 10 ~ 12.5 inches, and the ideal size is 11 ~ 11.5 inches. The shoulder height is less than 10 inches or higher than 12.5 inches. The length of the male dog's body is equal to shoulder height, and the bitch's body is slightly longer.

    The proportion of the body is appropriate. The front end is narrower, the proportion is appropriate, and the face cannot be better than the head. Can't look rough. Eyes: full, slightly ovate, clear, bright, dark, and even pure black, including the eye circles are dark, except for chocolate -colored dogs (the color of the eye circles is consistent with the body color). Ears: High ear positions, standing ears. You can cut your ear or not to cut your ear. Skill: flat, narrowing towards the tone direction. Tone: Strong rather than delicate and slender, forming a whole with the head. Pour slightly down and parallel to the top of the head. Nasal mirror: only black, except for chocolate dogs (consistent with body color). Lips and cheeks: small and tight, close to each other. Teeth: Shear -shaped occlusion.

    [neck, back line, body]
    The neck is slightly arched between the body and head, elegant curve, muscles and no fat and wrinkles. Back line: When standing and walking, the back line level may lean backwards. Body: compact, slightly wedge -shaped, muscular. The chest is developed, the ribs are well expanded, the chest depth is moderate, and the elbows are flat. Moderate abdomen, looks elegant. Short and strong waist. Tail: High tail roots, erected, cut off at an appropriate position.

    [Oral body]
    The shoulder is neat and tilted with appropriate angle, so that he has a riding action. The elbow is close to the body. The bones of the legs are strong and close. From the front, straight and neat. The wrist is strong and straight. Wolf claws should be removed. The foot claws are small, the cat's claws, the toes are strong, arched and tight, the foot pads are thick, and the toenails are thick and blunt.

    The hind leg muscles are developed and the distance is appropriate. From the back, the legs are straight and parallel. From the side, the angle is appropriate. The muscles of the thighs are developed. The rear knee contours are clear, the flying festivals are short, and the distance is appropriate. Wolf claws should be removed. The foot claws are small, the cat's claws, the toes are strong, arched and tight, the foot pads are thick, and the toenails are thick and blunt.

    smooth, short and hard, straight and shiny, close to the whole body.

    pure red. Deer red (mixed black hair in red). Black rust red spotted patterns, obvious rust red spotted patterns are distributed on cheeks, lips, jaws, throats, eyebrows and chests, lower legs in the front leg, the lower part of the hind legs, the lower part of the flying festival and the foot claws. There are black pencils on the toes. The situation of chocolate color rust red spotted patterns is the same as the black rust red spotted pattern. Only the toes are chocolate -colored penal patterns. In pure red and deer red, dark shadows are ideal. Lost: Except for the colors listed, any other color; thumb spots (the front of the front leg toes to the foot, a circle of rust red in the black plaques, if it is chocolate, the color of the plaque is chocolate). Any part of the body appears in a long white spot with a long direction over size and more than 1/2 inch.

    The movement of the front and hind legs, the feet are neither bending inward nor bending outward. The steed gait refers to the gait that is raised lightly with the forehars and the ankle when walking, and the toes bent, free and relaxed. The movement is smooth and the back body is strong.

    bold style, complete independent personality and vigorous energy

    Inch; except for the colors listed, any other color; thumb spots (the front of the front leg toes to the foot, a circle of rust red in the black spot, if it is chocolate, the color of the plaque is chocolate). Any part of the body appears in a long white spot with a long direction over size and more than 1/2 inch.

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