Can the silver gradual layer survive in the wild?

1 thought on “Can the silver gradual layer survive in the wild?”

  1. cannot.
    This silver gradient cats cannot adapt to the outside environment.
    The cats raised are usually grew up by the owner, and they have been "stretching your hand and opening your mouth to open your mouth". The basic hunting ability is lost. What is even more exaggerated is that some family cats may see that mice are afraid.
    Then cats with zero survival skills and let it survive alone. It may be dead for a few days.
    The owner will usually take care of the cats at home regularly. If the pet cat is abandoned and does not take proper care, it is easy to breed bacteria and infect parasites. Poor, it is more likely to get sick.
    . Once the abandoned cat is sick and does not receive treatment and care, it is likely to be a calamity that cannot be passed.

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